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Field To Vase is here to meet your every desire when it comes to flower bouquets or freshly harvested flowers. What makes this service so unique to Vashto is that individuals can choose a theme, price and size in three easy steps.

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Field to Vase Shop

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Loose, Individual Freshly
Picked Flowers

Vashto Flowers is a family-owned business, specialising in the production and procurement of fresh flowers for wholesale, retail distribution as well as selling to the public. The new ideal location off the farm is even more central and accessible to main transportation and distribution routes and more convenient for our happy customers. We look forward to even more growth in our new premises.

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We are always happy to welcome our customers, suppliers, other local farm owners, businesses and the public to our farm.

Vashto Map
Vashto Map

Proudly South African and African

At Vashto Flowers we pride ourselves in ensuring that we support other local farms in South Africa as well as creating partnerships with farmers
in other African countries.


Sustainable farming is the key to a
better tomorrow. At Vashto Flowers
we re-use, recycle and reduce our waste
as much as possible. Being part of the solution
to help protect the planet and our environment
is something we firmly believe in.

Fresh From The Farms

We thrive in ensuring that we provide
quality produce that are harvested from
farms which are well kept and nurtured. All the
produce from Vashto Flowers are grown on site or source directly from other farmers to ensure the freshest products and the longest vase life for the customer.

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